Tracking my Fuel Usage, Productivity Tax

January 3, 2010


Working full time and going to college, I am not spending any of my income currently… Savings is nearly half (49%).


"From each according to his ability to produce, to each according to need." Karl Marx

The only permanent CHANGE in American Politics will happen when more people take personal responsibility and realize they do not need big nanny government to improve their quality of life.


Hello world!

December 3, 2009

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Trinumeral Day = 9-9-09

September 9, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
252nd day of 2009 – 113 remaining

Something interesting from this 9th day of 9th Month in 9th year of this millennium…


1776 – The Second Continental Congress changed the name of the nation to the United States of America, from the United Colonies.

1836 – Abraham Lincoln received his license to practice law.

1850 – California became the 31st state.


1926 – National Broadcasting Company (NBC) created by Radio Corporation of America (RCA).

1948 – People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) was created.

1976 – Communist Chinese leader Mao Zedong died in Beijing at age 82.

Now the personal stuff you skip…

I am taking fall semester off ivy tech college & working @ Zimmer.

Last Thursday I was close when an explosion burned at work.

Summer is almost over already, went to Warren Dunes on Labor Day

Used Car Salesman, I am not.

April 16, 2009
If you see me on Judge Joe Brown or Judy, but I doubt it…
Buyer of my buick (summarized):

"MY mechanic told me the car is totally rusted out and would loose steering if it got in an accident!!”

When vehicles are as old as I am they WILL have rust. Buyer did not check during sale and instead allowed ONE mechanic’s OPINION to send a blamestorm my general direction.

“The junkyard will only give me $150 for it! I can barely afford this car.”

Sounds like they wrecked the car without insurance…

If they crashed the vehicle and rusty frame components broke instead of flexing, not my fault.

“You don’t seem like the kind of person that would sell a rusted out car.”

You didn’t seem like the kind of buyer who would utilize phony indignation & emotionalism to discredit an upfront sales process.

“I want my money back. I will see you in small claims court."

Go for it, you have no legal standing. Maybe I can get paid too…


Before Signing Title, Bill of Sale, and giving Records

I explained service records since fall 2005 (when it was purchased).

They test drove it, asked only a couple questions – Does heat work? What about headlight? Reliable?

I explained it was in a low speed collision last fall (about 15-20mph) broke headlight/turnsignal assembly and bent front bumper. Replaced lights and everything works.

I answered more questions then they asked and gave more information than most would offer.

1. Service Records 2005-Current

2. VIN Check

3. Title + Bill of Sale

I wanted to be upfront about the condition; yet naive, emotional, blame-anyone-but-myself mentality prevailed regardless.

Resisting the urge to throw her own ignorant arguments back into her face, I sympathized a bit with her debt/job whatever situation… No use…

“I want my money back, I will see you in small claims court”

“Blamestorming trumps  all logical arguments.”


Flight to Phoenix, Used Cars, Spring Break

March 1, 2009

I will be in Phoenix next week for spring break from school, work, monotony. life in general.

Maybe this is just random or crazy… but it must be done.

Finally time to purchase a new (used) vehicle. Here are some interesting stats on my 88 Buick:

Gas prices were not factored into ownership cost. But, my average MPG is 22-25.

So here is what I am looking for:

Price <= $3,000
Year  >= 1998
Miles < 100,000
Engine = 4 or 6 cyl Gas
Automatic Transmission

Junkyard, Damage, Wood, Power Outage, Christmas Cookies

December 22, 2008


Been awhile since I have updated this…. ZOMG Christmas in two days! Must spend, consume, credit!!! NOT! Family will be over Christmas Day, food and playing Wii. Maybe I will catch up some sleep finally. Not working again until January 5th, school starts Jan 12th.

Eric and I looked in junkyards for car parts on Saturday last week – not ideal weather considering most vehicles were covered in a sheet of ice + wind chill below 0.

My car hit a concrete highway divider on Monday due to black ice patch on road. Buick still runs normal except left eye gouged out. 

Picking up wood                                       Zimmer Plant 19 – Shutdown Friday (power outage)

Making the traditional Christmas cookies (video on facebook)

Black Friday, Physics, The Shack

November 28, 2008


I shopped at Walmart, Menards, and Radioshack this morning from 5-6:30am… Near the checkout aisles in Walmart people grouped into tribal units grabbed clothes off shelves – on sale or not. Leaders grunted orders to members gathering items into carts. Navigating through this chaos felt like weightless space with no directional flow of people. Some looked exhausted, but cautious enough guarded their stash.

I met David Pressler in line for electronics. He was either crazy or impersonating the "real" physicist. Half asleep and he was explaining his unity theory that refutes Einstein’s famous relativity theory. Here is what I found out:

Natural Philosophy Alliance (link)

Last updated: 2008-10-31 02:07:28 AM
Pressler, David E.
Interests: Space, Nuclear Structure
Nationality: USA
Born: Tuesday, September 23rd, 1924
Died: Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 (Age 81)
Books: 1996
The Theory of Unity 
Website: Wayback Machine ""                                        Event Attendance:

1998 May 175th (B) Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference

2000 March 20-24, American Physics Society Convention – Minneapolis MN, USA.

Pressler’s Static Universe , DAVID E. PRESSLER, Primary Nuclear Research
— I will present and explain Presslers Law: Red shift of emission line spectra from extragalactic cluster nebula is directly proportional to the radial distance to that emitting object; the red shifting is caused by the phenomenon of a gravitational field, the magnitude of which value is equal to the force per unit mass contained in the total volume of a sphere with that radius, and is directed toward said emission source…

So, he died at age 81 (2006) right?


Title: 100+ Year Road, The RALE System

Pressler, David

American Physical Society, Ohio Section of the APS Spring Meeting, May 4-5, 2007, abstract #P1.002

Publication Date:


18th Midwest Relativity Meeting – University of Notre Dame (Event PDF Link)

October 24-25, 2008

Primary Nuclear Research

David E. Pressler

The plot thickens…

US Patent 6705736 – Light-collection device

Address: 724 Broadmore Estates, Goshen, IN 46528
No. of patents: 1
Last patent issue date: 03/16/2004

Mr. "Pressler" explained his unity theory while standing in line; then I found the original

Pressler Unity Theory

Oh well

I arrived at Menards about 15mins before open. A line about four wide extended from door to parking lot edge. Once inside, I worked towards the back end where tribes had uncovered a pillows mine. Everyone surrounded it like cows at the feeding trough. I left before things got crazy.

Radioshack had three parked cars. The manager looked agitated. Not sure how they stay in business…

Something more insightful could be written here, whatever.

Polls are closed! O’Cain or McBama? Meh…

November 4, 2008

November 5th – No more ads

November 2, 2008


… I am voting November 4th. The "change" candle will burn election night as media coverage shifts into overdrive.

President for Sale!

October 13, 2008

President for Sale 2008


winning bidder is???